“The only thing one can do is to create strong, small minorities of pains-in-the-ass with a project in their minds”

Goffedro Fofi

“A continent emerged during the last few years and we didn’t even notice: a continent of mental-chaos, social impoverishment, and widespread psychic suffering that has left no room for political action and rational government, while the solidarity bonds have been deteriorating.”

Franco Berardi

“Producing complexity, fostering critical thinking. ”

“People schizophrenically move on and wander among thoughts; principles and values skyrocket and increase the entropy of feelings due to a defeated political system that impoverished the society; it is the cultural failure of the neoliberal model. People drown in a frameless age; intellectuals, philosophers, theorists have always been producing ideas of societies that fueled political actions.”

“The ability to evaluate, to tell the reality shades, and to make choices is the starting point to interpret and formulate new worlds. Multitasking performances, flexibility and activity optimization, accelerated hyper-connection, impulses and information have smashed people’s thoughts. Fragments multiply, understanding and meaning reduces, the critical ability tends to adjust to a simplified, almost binary, system; feelings are reduced to a radical moralism which only discriminates between good and evil, right and wrong, good and bad. The illusion of infinite comfort and possibility that the digital society proposes makes people’s minds lazy, participation fades out, making actual choices is too laborious.”

“The duty of the artistic action is to fight this trend, by fostering perception, critical thinking and deeper thoughts to try and create new models that allowed people to understand our world and formulate new ones.”


Is a programme of activities, meetings, performances, and installations that aim at triggering a public debate and encouraging a reflection on the contemporary reality and its perceptive, cognitive, social, and economic implications.

Simposio 2018

ENI Village

This year Simposio will take place among the mountains, at the Eni Village in Borca di Cadore (BL); it is a post-war utopian project in the heart of the Dolomites. In the village’s premises the Progetto Borca has been implemented for a few years; this project aims at fueling the cultural valorization to kick off a series of functional practices to permanently using the venue, such as educational activities and artistic residencies. Three days during which a community of willing people will face the mountain environment, the artistic practice, the practical analysis, the utopia.
The Space
Within the Village we will try to define new rules for the society through self-managed workshops; everyone will be free to propose contents and activities.
Simposio, Performance, Installation, Lab
Simposio is not a festival, is a non-profit initiative that requires participation: there’s no spectator.
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